Patch Plus, Inc.

You have just found one of the Northwest's premier concrete patching companies.

Patch Plus Inc. specializes in concrete patching and repair of exposed concrete surfaces. Patch Plus Inc. offers the most competitive rates and the highest quality work available in the area. We specialize in:
• Sack and patch of tilt-up panels
• Floor / ceiling patches
• Curb and sidewalk patches
• Floor leveling
• Concrete grinding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Our foundation is cracked and full of ugly rock pockets. Can you help?
A: Yes, this is exactly the type of service in which Patch Plus Inc. specializes.
Q: I am the owner of an older concrete warehouse that is in poor shape. Is there anything you can do?
A: Yes! Patch Plus Inc. specializes in repair of concrete walls. We have refinished several older buildings. After repair and repainting, the buildings look as good as new.
"Patch Plus has reliably performed multiple projects for us, provided good value, and always left behind a quality product. In addition to this, they've been easy to work with and to schedule."
- Chris Kevil, General Superintendent
Sierra Construction Company, Inc.